Search the Dutch Open Telescope database

V 0.6.0-49 (rc1) -- December 24, 2012


Fill in zero or more fields with desired criteria and hit 'Search'. Leave the field empty and hit 'Search' to get all observations. Fill in several fields and the result will be observations matching all those criteria. Longer manual at the bottom of the page.

Longer manual

There are two types of search forms available to interface with, the simple form and the advanced form.

The simple form can be used if you don't want to bother about details too much and just need one of the most needed functions. For all fields the general rule is, if you don't fill it in, it does not restrict that quantity or value. The different input fields for the simple form are: There are some other options which can be used to tweak the way results are returned, but this is rather straightforward. If not, try it out.

The advanced form has the options noted above, and the following extra: The results are displayed below the search form and can be presented in a 'Single-wavelength' mode or in an 'Observations' mode. The first gives a unique combination of the used filter and time observed while the latter only seperates observations done at different times, the different filters are grouped together. If this explanation is unclear, just try it out.

An overview of the data returned is (for single wavelength results): In the observations mode, most things are the same, except there is also some info on how many movies (mpgs) and cubes (datacubes made of fits files) there are. Additionally, this mode shows when an observation only consists of a mosaic.

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