1. Camera problems
  2. PD Focus problems
  3. Guider problems
  4. Sun alarm doesn’t stop

Camera problems

If the camera image is completely white or red, it is overexposed. Try reducing the exposure time. If the camera image is completely black or green, it is underexposed. Increase the exposure time.

If a camera image “hangs”, meaning the picture does not change anymore, not even the readout noise, try restarting the corresponding camera. From jeff, you can send the restart command this way:

ssh root@computername invoke-rc.d dot-ccd restart

Replace computername with scott, virgil, etcetera, corresponding to which camera has hanged. If nothing happened after 30 seconds, try the same command again. More information is on the cameras page.

PD Focus problems

Try to restart the PDFocus camera daemon on penelope, see above. If it doesn’t work, stop the PD Focus program, exit IDL, and restart IDL and pd_focus.

Guider problems

If there is no image of the solar disk and/or no red rectangle showing the current position, try restarting the FullDisk camera daemon on beaker, see above. Note that the “Sun gone” alarm will go off when you restart the camera daemon, this is normal, just click on “Acknowledge”. The alarm window should turn green and show “Sun found” when the camera daemon is running again.

If there is an image and a red rectangle, but the guider is not responding, check that:

If the telescope is slowly drifting away, try the following steps, while observing the LEDs of the telescope control switch box on the left of the desk:

If the above steps do not have any effect, or if the Sun has drifted completely out of the Full Disk camera, turn the switch to “Stop”, then to “Tower”, and call Rob immediately.

Sun alarm doesn’t stop

If the “sun gone” alarm does not stop after clicking on the “Ackowledge” button, kill and restart the sunalarm program that is running on jeff:

skill sunalarm
sunalarm &