Observing tools

Some tools to control the weather parameters such as humidity, temperature, wind velocity, scintillation have been developed so that observer can be aware of possible high-risk atmospheric conditions and can evaluate the seeing (mostly in lower layers) during observations.

Activate these programs in screen 2 (see the section Screen cameras in the preliminars. (There is an icon in screen 4 named x2xFocus that you should click on to enable the mouse work in screen 2).

Open a terminal window Go to the directory

cd /home/dot/guus/3dd3/trunk/windgui/

and finally launch every program as follows:

Seeing monitor

./windgraph sci2_dc sci2_ac

Green line shows the mean intensity vs time. Red line shows the scintillation vs time.

How to interpret these lines?

Weather Parameters


Wind field at the dome


Live web cam

Displaying the DOT tower. Open a browser and go to the following address:


Tuning filters

If you want to tune the line position for the filters click here for more information.

Analog full disk camera DOT

To the focuscomputer (Penelope) is the analog fulldisk camera (old guider) connected. Click on the icon on the desktop.