Data storage

The list of camera computers (see also cameras) is:

  1. scott
  2. virgil
  3. alan
  4. gordon
  5. john
  6. parker
  7. tintin
  8. beaker
  9. penelope

Images are saved in the directories /camera/NAME on the camera computers, where NAME is one of the names above. Data is automatically saved in a directory named after the date of the observation. Each burst (which will usually contain 20 to 100 images) is stored in a FITS file with the extension .out. The filename of each burst will contain the timestamp of the start of the burst in UNIX time format. The FITS header contains the following information:

There are two ways to access the directories where the data is saved in every camera computer.

From all DOT machines

The data is available via automounted NFS:

cd /camera/NAME

where NAME stands for the name of the camera computer.

On the camera computer itself

Connecting via ssh to the camera computer:

ssh dot@NAME   (As dot user) 
ssh root@NAME   (Or as root)
cd /storage

where NAME stands for the name of the camera computer.

Storage space

Every 30 minutes of solar observation in the normal speckle configuration (not frame selection mode) corresponds to approx. 15 GB of data in every camera computer.