July 14, 2003

Image of AR 10407 (Ca II H)

Ca II H 397nm
Image of AR 10407 (G Band)

G Band 430nm
Image of AR 10407 (Blue cont.)

Blue continuum 432nm
Image of AR 10407 (Red cont.)

Red continuum 655nm
MPEG movies:
Ca II H (4.8MB) - G-band (8.7MB) - Blue Continuum (12MB) - Red Continuum (7.8MB)
TargetAR 10407
TypeSpeckle reconstructed data
Time08:22 - 10:21 UT (238 images, cadence 30s)
LocationN10/W02  μ=0.99   Mees AR Map
Quality r0 (G-band avg-max-min): 7.0 - 11.1 - 4.5   plot
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